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"How To Kill Fleas Naturally"

The whole idea of natural flea control is exploding! And that makes sense, since today's pet parents are Earth conscious, and more aware of the environment than ever before.

People everywhere are going green and looking out for the planet. This includes being wary of putting toxic chemicals on our furry friends.

So it's reasonable to ask, "exactly how safe are the active ingredients of topical flea treatments on the market?"

Modern, aware pet owners know that natural flea control means taking their pets health into their own hands by learning how to kill fleas naturally and safely. For many, that means without dangerous harsh chemicals and pesticides. Instead, they turn to natural flea repellant to combat their flea problem:

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7 Natural Remedies for Flea Control: 
There are many ways to combat fleas naturally!

These natural remedies for flea control may be homemade from natural ingredients you already have on hand such as apple cider vinegar, food grade Diatomaceous Earth, a fine powder which is quite effective, and even salt.

Homemade Flea Killer: Taking Natural Flea Control Into Your Own Hands!

If you really want to know what is in the products you use, you make them yourself!

This section on Homemade Flea Killer includes not only the vinegar and laundry detergent additive mentioned above, but also some other homemade flea killer ideas.

For example, did you know you can make your own effective flea trap?

Flea Fact: At any given time, only about 15% of the fleas in your house are adult fleas. The other 85% of the flea population are flea eggs, flea larvae and pupae. So it make sense to kill them before they hatch and lay eggs of their own!

For best results, we recommend paying close attention to vacuuming hard floors, (removing the vacuum bag regularly), washing pet bedding and throw rugs - in addition to traditional methods such as bathing with natural flea shampoos, using a flea comb (dropping fleas into soapy water), and using a natural flea spray.

Homemade Flea Spray:
Do you want to make your own homemade flea spray? There are a couple of reasons that this is a great idea! First, flea spray can be expensive. By making your own, you can use more of it, more often, without scrimping to save what's left in the bottle.

Also, pets do lick themselves. When they are coated with a product, they are even more likely to do so. If you can make a homemade flea spray out of food-grade ingredients (as long as they are safe for animals), why not?

So grab a spray bottle and visit this page to get a recipe, and find out what other pet lovers are saying about the effectiveness of homemade flea spray.

dogs and fleas

About Natural Flea Killer:
Kittens and puppies especially benefit from natural flea control methods

What is a natural flea killer? It can be something you already have in your cupboard, but usually this term refers to natural flea control products.

There are many widely available products on the market now. If you don't have the time or inclination to brew up your own natural flea killer, check out some of these natural flea products available from pet stores.

They are made to be as gentle as possible, and still very effective. Actually, as far as effectiveness goes, there is often no difference between these natural products and the more widely-known ones (often containing chemicals and pesticides).

Nowadays, it's not hard to find a natural flea treatment. There is a wide array of natural shampoos, sprays, supplements, traps and much more available. If you are wondering how to kill fleas naturally, visit our upcoming page on Natural Flea Killer.

Natural Flea Remedies:
Natural Flea Remedies are more likely to be concoctions made right at home or bought from a health store or all-natural specialty pet store.

Some of these have received lots of publicity, and others are hardly known. When we battled fleas, we didn't want to use some of the old standby's from years past (like flea collars). We learned about some natural flea remedies that I had never heard of before! With regular use, they are quite effective.

"Natural home remedies" often implies that something is natural, homeopathic, and/or organic. Some of these products that can be taken internally by cats or dogs, and they will naturally repel fleas. The best part? They are completely safe. This section will show you all your choices.

For many, natural flea control means back-to-basics. For example, did you know a common laundry additive is quite effective at killing fleas as a natural flea powder? Visit this upcoming page to learn about all the different Natural Flea Remedies.

Vinegar Kills Fleas:
Has anyone ever told you that vinegar kills fleas? Wondering if it's true? And if so, how does this work? Not to mention does it really work?

I know I was really intrigued the first time I heard that vinegar kills fleas. I read up on it and went right out to try it. There are a few methods to this. One is to add the vinegar to the drinking water, and another is to apply it right to the fur.

Want to know which kind of vinegar to use? And how much? Our new page on how vinegar kills fleas will have all the details.

"What about the use of essential oils for fleas?"

Many pet owners have heard about the effectiveness of peppermint oil, cedar oil, neem oil, or coconut oil for natural flea control.

Since many essential oils are harmful or toxic to pets, we don't recommend using them unless you are well versed in the use of essential oils and carrier oils.

A safer alternative would be to find a natural flea product from a pet store which is already mixed and formulated safely. It can be sprayed under furniture, around house foundation, and in other non-reachable areas as an effective natural flea repellent.

Natural Flea Control for Dogs:

cartoon dog blocking fleas

This page for dog owners is all about using products specifically made for dogs.

Here you'll find lots of stuff just for dogs, like natural organic flea shampoo for dogs.

If you are dealing with fleas on dogs, and want to get rid of them naturally, this is your destination page. It's all about Natural Flea Control - For Dogs!

Natural Flea Control For Cats:

cat scratching fleas

Getting rid of fleas on cats can be so frustrating! For some reason, it seems like the fleas stubbornly won't leave cats alone.

For households with cats but not dogs, you probably want to skip right to your own page dedicated to Natural Flea Control For Cats!

Natural Flea Control Remedies

Getting rid of fleas is serious business, no doubt about it! It's a great feeling to know our pets are being exposed to only safe and natural products.

Why expose them to chemicals or pesticides when it's not necessary? And with the tips from these pages on natural flea control remedies, you will be armed and ready for combat!

"When is Flea Season?"

In a four season climate with cold winters where it gets below freezing for an extended period of time, flea season simply refers to the warmer months when these pests can live and multiply outdoors.

They become much more prevalent and problematic. In the winter, pet owners can often get away with stopping flea and tick treatments. Although, an indoor flea infestation can certainly happen in winter too!

Why Use Natural Flea Control?

kitten and puppyKittens and puppies especially benefit from natural flea control methods

Some of the most widely-used flea control products and topical treatments are drawing attention. There are questions as to their safety. Most pet owners would agree that their fur-babies are part of the family. Owning a pet is a big responsibility, as we all know. We are responsible for their food and water, veterinary expenses, love and attention, and well-being.

But when it comes to flea prevention, there is even more to consider. What we apply to them can have consequences.

When it comes to the type and quality of flea control, our pet's very lives may depend on us. On one hand, very young animals can be killed by a flea infection. Their lives depend on the flea infestation being halted immediately.

On the other hand, a pet owner can't simply rush out and purchase the first product they see, and apply it to their pet.

Not all products are created equally! Any product (even natural remedies) can have allergic reactions, side effects, or skin irritation. It's an owners responsibility to understand the risks, and understand exactly what they are putting in or on their pet.

Topical flea treatments are pesticides. While they have come a long way, and the vast majority of pet owners use these products successfully without incident, there are many conscious owners who are not willing to take a chance.

After all, when was the last time you saw a pesticide made for application to the skin of a person? The only exception would be lice shampoo.

Natural flea control is especially advised for sick, very young or very old pets, and those who have shown a sensitivity to pesticides already.

Small breed dogs can be at risk for receiving too much flea medication, and cats sometimes accidentally get a dogs dose - very dangerous! So these are even more reasons to use a natural remedy. For many pet families, the natural way is the best way to get rid of fleas.


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