Homemade Flea Killer For Pets And Home

Looking for homemade flea killer? Here are some handy methods that are known to kill fleas naturally. If you are wary of chemicals and popular store-bought products, homemade flea killer is a great choice.

This page shares some recipes and tips for natural home flea remedies. Some of these things you may already have in your pantry, and others are easily found at your local supermarket.

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Check Out This Homemade Flea Spray:

Some claim that vinegar kills fleas, and although I found vinegar to be quite effective, it didn't "kill on contact" as one might think. You can make a homemade flea spray using vinegar easily.

Alternatively, if the spray bottle scares him, you can soak a washcloth with the mixture and rub it on. Many pets really like this! And the vinegar does make your pet more undesirable to the fleas.

A second homemade flea spray is made with lemon. For these two recipes, visit our page on Homemade Flea Spray.

Homemade Flea Shampoo:

Dawn dish soap is considered to be a natural flea killer. If you have very young puppies or kittens, this is usually the method of choice. Using warm water, soap up your little one with Dawn dish soap. Now let it sit on your pet for at least ten minutes. After rinsing you'll want to go over your pet with a flea comb. Repeat as often as you want, even daily.

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I have personally used this method, and although it's not as effective as actual flea shampoo, the vinegar really does make a difference. And it has the added bonus of being a great conditioner!

When your cat or dog follows up with a grooming of his own, you'll be confident knowing he's not ingesting anything dangerous. Pets prefer the taste of apple cider vinegar over white vinegar so this is the one we recommend as a first choice.

Neem shampoo is widely regarded as being a natural flea shampoo. Neem shampoo is easy to find. It is infused with neem oil, which is a natural insect growth inhibitor. Neem shampoo, though not homemade, is natural as well as pesticide-free.

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Natural Flea Remedies

There are some a few options for internal internal flea remedies, to be taken orally (by mouth). The way these work is by being absorbed into the body over time, and excreting an unpleasant odor or taste through the pores of the skin. We won't notice it, though - only the fleas will!

These homemade flea killer options are for dogs only, and are usually quite successful. They include apple cider vinegar, garlic, and nutritional or brewers yeast. For details on the methods, measurements, and more visit our upcoming page on Natural Flea Remedies.

Homemade Flea Killer For Around The House:

Borax: 20 Mule Team Borax is a powder laundry additive. It's an all-natural laundry booster and household cleaner. And it's a great homemade flea killer! (Not to mention it's great for washing pet bedding and eliminating odors.)

20 Mule Team Borax is readily available at any supermarket. It is made up of 99.5% pure borax, a naturally occurring mineral composed of sodium, boron, oxygen, and water.

Borax is not the same as boric acid! Boric acid is created by combining borax with an acid. It is harmful to pets and should not be used to battle fleas.

To use borax as a homemade flea killer, sprinkle it on your carpets, hard floors and even on your furniture. Then sweep it so that the powder settles into the corners, cracks, crevices and fibers of carpets or sofas. Let it sit overnight, and thoroughly vacuum in the morning.

20 Mule Team Borax is generally non-toxic, but still use care. You'll want to choose a time when pets and children are not around.

Use as much caution as you would with any household cleaner or product - taking into account that powder can be inhaled or tracked, or even licked off feet.

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Salt: Yes, salt! There are two differences between using salt and using borax. First, you want to make sure that the salt is fine, like a powder. You may need to grind it. A coffee grinder would work fine for this.

Secondly, you'll want to leave the salt on for a longer period of time. 24 - 48 hours should to the trick. Take care if using salt during very wet or humid weather. Since it attracts moisture, you may end up with a pasty mess.

How Do Borax & Salt Kill Fleas? They work by drying out the outer, shiny layer of the flea. It is said that by treating your home this way from time to time, you can completely avoid fleas setting up house in your house.

Homemade Flea Killer - Set A Trap:

An easy trap can be made! Fleas are attracted to the color white. They are also attracted to warmth.

At night, set a trap by using a white tray. It can be a plastic yogurt cover, a plastic storage bin cover, or anything in between.

Pour water into it and add enough dish soap to make it sudsy. Then shine a dim light or nightlight on it. The fleas will be attracted to the warmth of the light and the jump in.

We used this method, and found that it did work. They certainly didn't come in droves, but if I found 5 or 6 in the morning that meant there were 5 or 6 less in the house.

If you like the idea and want to take it one step further, there are popular flea traps available for purchase, as well.

Homemade Flea Killer With Herbs And Oils:


There are a few herbs and oils you will find recommended to repel fleas.

We advise that these be used only by those who are experienced with them. Some animals, particularly cats, can sensitive.

Also the amounts, concentrations, and interactions must be understood.

Advantages To Using Homemade Flea Killer:

Why use homemade? These methods and remedies are totally natural. And for many pet parents, it's important to know exactly what is going into (or onto) their beloved furry friends!

There has been attention lately regarding the safety of pet flea products and treatments. Although the risk is small, there is always the chance of side effects.

white kittenHomemade flea killer is an especially good choice for very young pets

Who Should Use Homemade Flea Killer?

There are some times when homemade flea killer is the only choice.

Sick or elderly animals should be kept away from pesticides, as should very young kittens or puppies.

Some small breed dogs are sensitive to pesticides and chemicals.

And last but not least, animals who have shown a sensitivity in the past will need to be treated for fleas with caution.

Along with using homemade flea killer, make sure to follow a flea killing regimen of your own. Doing all of these things will help you succeed:

  • Wash pet's bedding often (every 1-2 days) as fleas spend 90% of their time there, and most eggs fall off your pet and pupate there.
  • Vacuum as often and as thoroughly as possible. Get in the cracks and crevices. Vacuuming stimulates pupae to hatch, speeding up the life-cycle.
  • Give your pet baths, and use a flea comb daily
  • Don't forget to treat your yard. The last thing you want is more critters coming in every day.
  • Consider resorting to commercially available flea products if you just can't seem to make headway with homemade flea killer. Remember that severe infestations increase your risk of having to deal with tapeworms, anemia, or worse. So be willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of fleas as soon as possible!


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