About Us

Hello, and welcome to FleaGuide! I hope you're finding lots of useful info. My name is Carrie, and I'm a lifelong pet lover. I've had cats and dogs, birds, guinea pigs and hamsters, as well as a few non-furry pets over the years.

I live in Maine with my family, where I was born and raised. We are lucky that the cold winters put flea and tick problems "on hold" around here - usually! But, as a kid, I remember a few horrible infestations. A couple of times, my Dad had to "bomb" the house. Of course, all these years later, I wonder how safe that was! Hmm..

As an adult, my husband and I have had to deal with a couple of really frustrating bouts with fleas.

The last time this happened, with our two Maine Coon cats, we went into research mode and created a very structured attack plan.

I was surprised at how much we learned, how much there is to know (even when you think you've heard it all), and actually found it interesting!

Also, I was reminded of the "ick" factor, the embarrassment that comes with this problem. I wanted to face that head on, and acknowledge the fact that almost all pet households go through this, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

When it happened to us, we really went to town on the fleas. We practically waged war. We were relentless. And I want you to know how to do it too!

So, from my house to yours, we wish you a speedy journey to getting rid of fleas for good.