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Getting Rid Of Fleas Introduction
Getting Rid Of Fleas Introduction

Most books start off with background, research and info to give you an understanding of the subject. This one is arranged a little differently. First comes your Action Plan, because you don't want to spend time studying fleas - you need to get rid of them!

This is a no-frills book. Follow it as a guide to kill fleas quickly and efficiently. This is one occasion where you should act quickly!

Whether you have just found the first flea and don't know what to do, or you are battling the minions, your goal is the same: Get Rid Of Them! We do not have a secret ingredient or undiscovered product. No magic, just experience and a good, solid, effective game plan. Follow this guide, and you will have a flea-free home.

If you find it difficult, if you say "I've done all this and they are still here!" there is a reason for that. Perhaps the topical treatment didn't properly absorb, or fleas developed a resistance to it (more on that later) Or perhaps the daily vacuuming missed a critical crevice where eggs are hatching.

I know what it's like to see one flea on my pet. That feeling of knowing there are more. I know what it's like to see one jumping on the carpet. And I know what it's like when, for whatever reason, fleas get the upper hand and take over the household.

The first time we battled fleas in our home, we learned a lot. We tried everything. We learned which products work the best. Our pets weren't treated at the time, since they were indoors only. But all it took was a visiting dog even one who had been treated to bring in a straggler.

I went out and bought some flea treatment as soon as the vet opened on the following Monday, but by then it was out of control and we didn't even know it! (But we soon would...)

The second time the fleas invaded it was a little different. Now we had a dog in the house of our own. It was springtime and I didn't apply our trusty topical flea treatment early enough. When I did (to her and to the cats), it did nothing! We kept applying, and the fleas kept multiplying! This time we tried some natural methods as well, and learned even more. I'll share all that we learned in the coming pages.

Why am I sharing all this? Because this is a subject no one wants to talk about. Because when you are battling fleas you have enough to worry about without feeling embarrassed too. Remember this: Almost every pet owner has been through this at some point.

It's the problem no one mentions, but everyone has encountered. Okay, enough chatting, time for action!

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Getting Rid Of Fleas
Getting Rid Of Fleas

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