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Your Guide To Getting Rid Of Fleas
In Your Home And On Your Pets
Getting Rid Of Fleas
Getting Rid Of Fleas

Imagine this scene: It's evening, and you're home after a long day. You look at your happy, healthy pet and say "I didn't see a flea today." It will feel so good to know they are going, going, gone!

Fleas are so frustrating. They are relentless, invasive, they make people and pets miserable, and they are so annoying.

It's easy to get lost in a "web of information" - there are recipes, remedies, treatments and methods galore. We tried everything, - just like you. In the end we took control with this Flea Action Plan.

Your Guide To Getting Rid Of Fleas

Ready to get rid of the fleas today? Inside the Action Plan we'll be:

  • Creating Toolbox Of The Safest, Most Effective Weapons.

  • Sorting Through The Many Flea Treatments Available

  • Knowing The Best Practices For Getting Rid Of Fleas Naturally

  • Learning The 3 Tenets For Getting Rid Of Fleas

  • Designing Your Personalized Schedule

  • ... And Killing Fleas With Authority!

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Your Guide To Getting Rid Of Fleas

Fleas Can Happen To Anyone, Anytime:

Fleas are a real problem. No matter what time of year it is, they can show up. They are tiny, fast, and hungry. And they multiply like crazy, who can forget that?

There's a lot of information about fleas - their life cycle, homemade killers and sprays, how to kill fleas in the house, the list goes on and on.

But one thing remains constant, one thing these stories have in common - there are fleas in the house and on pets. They need to go. Today!

What Others Are Saying:

"When we were fighting fleas, we did a lot of internet searching, looking for some special key or trick.

Using the Action Plan, we saw results immediately. We used the right products, in the right way.

It became easy to kill them once we knew what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. It kept us on track!" 3      ~Peter in Maine, USA

I want you to know what you're getting, so here is the Table Of Contents:

table of contents
table of contents

p.  3     Introduction

p.  4     The Action Plan - Choosing Your Weapons

p.  8     The Action Plan - Attack Day!

p. 14     Review Of Attack Day

p. 15     Designing Your Schedule

p. 16     The 3 Tenets For Killing Fleas

p. 18     Sorting Through The Treatment Options

p. 18     The Safety Debate - To Treat Or Not To Treat?

p. 20     What Flea Treatments Are and What They Do

p. 22     Getting Rid Of Fleas Naturally

p. 22      - Without The Use Of Chemicals Or Pesticides

p. 22     Why Are They So Hard To Get Rid Of?

p. 26     References

Interested in peeking inside? Click here to read the Introduction Page.

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If you have any questions regarding The Guide, or would like to send me your review, I look forward to hearing from you at mainecooncatnation@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy Getting Rid Of Fleas, and wish you many happy years with your beloved pet(s)!

Are you ready? Using The Flea Action Plan, and the 3 Tenets For Killing Fleas, make today your Attack Day for only about the cost of a sandwich!

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